About Carol Thames, Owner & Broker

I am a Licensed Realtor® in the Louisiana Real Estate Commission 25 years of experience in the Northwest Louisiana; Shreveport/Bossier City/Benton housing market. 

I have lived in Northwest Louisiana since 1991. I   graduated from West Monroe High School and from Northeast Louisiana University.  I earned a Bachelor Degree in Elementary & Early Childhood Education.   I was a professional educator for 11 years in Ouachita and Bossier Parish.  I have three children that have all attended Bossier Parish Schools. In addition to my little Megastar Snow, a Teacup Yorkie!  

I pride myself on providing the best customer service available in Northwest Louisiana. I have worked with some of the largest and renowned Real Estate companies in the area and have since discovered a niche and passion in putting my clients first by offering the full service you expect from popular brokerages for a substantially smaller commission.  After 12 years of working for other companies, I decided to branch out on my own in 2016 and now I am the Broker/Owner of Southern Realty Services, LLC. I am excited to be able to offer the community a far better option for a much lower price when buying and selling their homes!  I enjoy saving my clients money and helping them get the most money for their house in the least amount of time possible.


This is how I plan to earn my commission:


Your house will marketed on the MLS, my personal website, Realtor.com, Trulia, Zillow, Facebook, YouTube, in addition to other Social media platforms such as Instagram, Pinterest ect. All together adds up to your home having maximum exposure across a variety of the latest and greatest advertising platforms as many as 30+ websites utilizing the most advanced Search Engine algorithm’s available.   

I will post 25 pictures & a visual tour of your property.  I will email digital flyers to all 1,290 Realtors® in our Northwest Louisiana Board so that your home listing’s prominence will be at the forefront of each Realtors showing list for their potential buyers!  You will be kept up to date with text messages & emails on showings of your property as well as feedback from agents and their buyers that have toured your property.  I will guide you through the buying and selling process and help you every step of the way until it is closed!

There are other Real Estate companies that offer other discount rates and listing options but I believe my brokerage model surpasses them all by being far superior and here’s my rationalization! I pay the selling agent a full commission so they will be enticed into showing and selling your home.  I will also strive immensely to be the dual agent, meaning I will assume the role of Broker for you the seller, and the potential buyer so I will earn the lowered commission rate accrued from both sides. For example, if a house sells for $190,000 the total commission on the property would be $8,550.00.  If I only represent the seller, I will earn $2,850.00 and the buyer's agent will earn $5,700.00.  If I represent the seller and the buyer, then I would earn the whole commission of $8,550.00.  There are no hidden fees, no transactions fees and no buyer's fees.


Here is an example of how my commission structure works:

Commission on a house listed for $200,000 or less is 4.5%

Commission on a house listed above $200,000 is 4.5% on the first $200,000 and 3.5% on the remainder

ex. Commission on a house listed for $350,000 would be $14,250.00 (which is $6,750.00 LESS than the traditional 6% model)

(Houses valued above $500,000 the commission will drop again to 2.5%)

Builders with New Construction listings will pay a flat 3%


Selling your home? I look forward to marketing and listing your home bringing you a ready, willing, and able buyer in the shortest amount of time possible.  

Buying a home? I aspire to allocate you into the home of your dreams by performing my utmost due diligence in searching the market for the latest and greatest homes available and facilitating the most comfortable purchase imaginable!

Feel free to contact me for all your real estate needs.

All the Best,

Carol Thames

Licensed by the Louisiana Real Estate Commission